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You can buy Judy's Applications software with your credit card and download your personal licensed copy right now. Click here to order.

Free Evaluation Software

Judy's TenKey

You can download a copy of Judy's TenKey to try for 30 days. The download process should automatically detect your operating system, but you can also explicitly choose the version you want below:

Judy's TenKey (Current - Win8, Win7, Vista, etc.)

Judy's TenKey for Pre-Vista (Older - Win XP, Win98, Win ME, Win 2003, etc.)

Judy's CountDown

You can download a copy of Judy's CountDown and use it at the free level, or later decide to upgrade for additional storage.

Updates & Patches On-Line

Registered users can download updates and patches to their licensed software from here.

Judy's TenKey v6.0 Major Upgrade

Licensed users of previous versions of Judy's TenKey qualify for a discounted upgrade license. The new version incorporates numerous major enhancements, including support for visual styles, native-64-bit operation, high DPI interface, enhanced copy & paste (HTML, Adobe), better international support, and more.

Judy's TenKey v5.7 Update for Licensed Users of Version 5.0+

Licensed users of Judy's TenKey v5.0+ can download v5.7, which adds support for a new delta percentage button, integration with any dedicated calculator key on your keyboard, improved copy & paste intelligence, optional operator sounds, and more. Click here for more information.

Just download the latest v5.0 update and run it to install over your existing installation.  THESE FILES ONLY WORK FOR REGISTERED USERS OF VERSION 5.

Judy's TenKey v4.04 Patch for Licensed Users of Version 4.0

Licensed users of Judy's TenKey version 4 can download version 4.04, which fixes some minor problems (including the "missing application window").

Just download the patched v4.04 version, unzip it, and copy it to your existing TenKey directory.  THESE FILES ONLY WORK FOR REGISTERED USERS OF VERSION 4.

Or, you can simply upgrade to the latest version.

Judy's CountDown v3 for Licensed Users of v2.0+

Licensed users of Judy's CountDown version 2.0 or later can download version 3.0 for free, gaining the ability to create custom icons from your photos with a single click, share events with your friends, access your events from multiple computers, and much more (see upgrade details). Just download the latest v3 update and run it to install over your existing installation.

New CountDown Holiday Dates

Some holidays change dates from year to year. Users of Judy's CountDown prior to v2.0 can get the latest holiday dates by downloading an updated CountDown event definition set (1KB). Just use the "Settings | Get Update" menu option to merge these updates in with your own personal event set. Users of v2.0 or better can get automatic updates by selecting the "Auto Event Update".

Program Upgrades

If you have an older version of any Judy's Applications product and wish to upgrade to the latest version, please see our Upgrade Offers page.

All other Judy's Application programs are up to date, and no minor revisions are available at this time. If you are encountering a problem, please visit the the Technical Support page.