Free Update

for Judy's TenKey v6.0+

Judy's TenKey v6.3.3 is a FREE update for v6.0:

Version 6.3.3:

  • Fixes problem with long tape file names

Version 6.3.1:

  • Fixes TenKey startup failure due to BIOS and operating system updates incompatible with Microsoft music libraries
  • Adds keyboard and toolbar shortcut for reusing numbers
  • Resolves issue with update downloads on newer versions of Windows
  • Minor documentation corrections

Cumulative improvements over v6.0 include:

  • By default now prints to printer most recently used by Judy's TenKey (can be overridden per print, or more permanently via Configure|All Settings|Other)
  • Ability to redefine standard clipboard operations via Edit|Special dialog
  • Insert Line can now be undone individually with Ctrl+Z (previously combined with the next tape operation)
  • Tweak to Adobe default paste for slightly better alignment
  • Configure|All Settings|Keyboard|Help now brings up the appropriate topic
  • Ctrl+Enter now correctly triggers Subtotal as documented
  • Improved Adobe copy/paste now minimizes width according to actual tape contents
  • Edit|Special|Copy|RTF-Format now offers Right-Aligned option to mimic v5
  • Ctrl+Shift+C performs Edit|Special|Copy, and Ctrl+Shift+V performs Edit|Special|Paste
  • Improves handling of auto-notes (e.g., Total, Break) when modifying tapes
  • Now correctly shows second column tape notes in 2-column printouts
  • Resolves apparent precision issues for certain calculations
  • Inability to create Portable version corrected
  • Can now open tapes from older versions containing custom page layouts
  • Fixes redraw issues occurring with some graphics cards
  • Fixes minor issues with auto-numlock concerning application exit or minimization
  • Protects against crashes by certain printer drivers
  • Tips and Help are now available in English when the program is not installed in the user's native language and the computer does not even have English set as an available language
  • Couple of other minor fixes, including Shift+S now storing memory as it used to

If you are running Judy's TenKey v6.0 or better, you can automatically download and install the latest version via the "Configure | Check for Updates" menu.

If desired, you can instead manually download Judy's TenKey v6.3.1 and run it to install. This update will NOT work unless you are already using v6.0 or better; users of previous versions should instead see Upgrade Offers.