Updates & Upgrades

for Judy's TenKey v5.x

There is a major new upgrade available! Version 6.0 now offers:

  • Windows Visual Styles - Judy's TenKey takes on the look & feel of whatever version of Windows you use
  • 64-Bit Version - Includes both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version so you can make maximum use of your hardware
  • High DPI Support - Provides crystal clear graphics even when using Windows magnification at maximum levels
  • Unicode Support - You can now enter notes in any language
  • Copy & Paste - Adds export into HTML tables, plus special formats for Adobe text boxes and sticky notes
  • Sounds - More sound options and a reimplemented back end
  • Calculations - Running item counter, interest-only loans, and more
  • Enhanced Window Navigation - Support for jump lists, snap-to, etc.
  • Other UI Improvements - Nicer button symbols, support for larger tape fonts, more toolbar buttons, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - Memory auto-save, print progress meter, update installations, etc.

This is BIG: see screen captures and read about v6 in more detail.

Licensed users qualify for a discounted upgrade:   Buy Now

If you are running v5.0-v5.5, you can still download v5.7 for free

1)  Exit from any TenKey you have running.

2)  Download Judy's TenKey v5.7 and run it to install

Judy's TenKey v5.7 includes everything in v5.5, plus:

  • Works with dedicated calculator key on your keyboard (if present)
  • Delta percentage function
  • Interprets pasted numbers in parentheses as negative (1.23)
  • Integrates signs into numbers under tenkey syntax when using Edit | Special to copy just numbers
  • Optional separate sound for operator keys
  • Extra capability setting for system administrators
  • Assorted minor enhancements

Judy's TenKey v5.5 includes everything in v5.3, plus:

  • Ability to make tape wider by dragging, with intelligent note display shortening
  • Print page setup, including 1- or 2-column mode
  • Automatic, optional total row highlighting
  • Automatic numlock option
  • Minor fixes

Judy's TenKey v5.3 includes everything in v5.2, plus:

  • Easily add note to most recent tape entry by pressing Ctrl+E (no need for your fingers to leave the keyboard)
  • Easier tape editing: move between editing different tape elements via Tab, Shift+Tab, Up and Down Arrow keys
  • Minor fixes

Judy's TenKey v5.2 includes everything in v5.02, plus:

  • Adds zero-install portable option
  • Adds tabbed configuration dialog box for easier management
  • Adds Most-Recently-Used file menu
  • Prevents Print and File crashes on certain Vista PCs, and stops Trend Micro anti-virus from complaining.
  • Prevents TenKey from getting stuck in Tutorial mode if PC loses power during tutorial.
  • Fixes paste into Entry when in RPN syntax.
  • Adds ability to undo a paste after a tape update (somewhat rare situation).
  • Other minor fixes

Judy's TenKey v5.02 includes everything in v5.01, plus:

  • Improves ability to paste into Adobe Acrobat.
  • Restores ability to calculate interest rate from Loan or Payment dialog boxes.

Judy's TenKey v5.01 fixes two minor problems:

  • Fixes problem with v5.0 that once you turn off 'Tip of the Day', you cannot turn it back on.
  • Enables you to open a TK file by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer.

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