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Judy's TenKey
v6.0+ Improvements

Judy's TenKey v6 represents a major upgrade over v5, offering significantly increased robustness, power, and usability. It can be ordered directly or as an upgrade; specific improvements include:

Windows Visual Styles

Judy's TenKey now takes on the look & feel of whatever version of Windows you use (from Windows XP to Windows 11), so it meshes seamlessly with your overall computing experience. For example, compare Judy's TenKey running on Windows 7 versus Windows 8:

calculator on modern Windows
On Windows 8
calculator on older Windows
On Windows 7

Native 64-Bit Operation

The number of "bits" used by a program reflects computing power and efficiency, and is particularly important for programs that use a lot of graphics or mathematical operations. Mathematical programs such as Judy's TenKey normally represent numbers in 64 bits anyway, so being able to run natively as a 64-bit program makes everything fit together more smoothly, and run very fast. The licensed version of Judy's TenKey installer detects which kind of operating system you are running, and automatically installs the correct 32-bit or 64-bit program.

High DPI Interface

Microsoft Windows enables you to "magnify" the screen so that everything looks larger and easier to read. Microsoft calls this the "high DPI" option, and it's great for people with aging eyes, visual disabilities, or just tiny-looking displays. It's available by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Personalize > Display. Unfortunately, if the program doesn't support it natively, you can end up with blurry-looking images. With the introduction of v6, Judy's TenKey now supports this high-DPI option, as seen below left:

old low-resolution
Old V5 Fuzzy at 150%
new high DPI resolution
New V6 Crystal Clear at 150%

Unicode Support

Judy's TenKey is now internationalized, so you can write, copy, paste, and save tape notes in any language you want! This is especially helpful for our multinational corporate clients. Please email for availability of user interfaces in different languages.

Additional Copy & Paste Options

In addition to its existing support for Text and Rich Formatted Text, Judy's TenKey can now place HTML tables and specialized formats for Adobe Acrobat text boxes and sticky notes on the clipboard. To keep this easy to use, most formats are automatically placed on the clipboard, and the pasting program can select whatever format it prefers. Alternately, the Edit | Special dialog gives you detailed control over all this, and you can save your preferences and use special toolbar buttons to use your fine-tuned copy & paste commands at press of a single button.

edit special options

Keyboard Sounds

There are now additional sound options, including a Mute button on the toolbar, a choice of startup sounds, an improved set of interfaces, and a completely reimplemented back end to improve sound reliability and performance.

Calculation Improvements

For people using Calculator or Tenkey syntax, Judy's TenKey now includes a running item counter in the status bar. For those using RPN syntax, it now tracks the top 3 entries of the stack, for easier calculation construction. Financial calculations now support interest-only loans, trignonometry calculations are slightly more precise, and and RPN calculations no longer double-add to the stack if the result of a calculation is manually placed on the stack (see below for other stack improvements).

tape with item counter

Enhanced Window Navigation

Judy's TenKey now supports "jump lists" and Windows "snap". In keeping with our usability theme, pressing the Alt key now underlines the letters on calculator buttons whose mnemonics may not be obvious (i.e., not the first letter).

Other User Interface Improvements

There are a number of additional toolbar buttons available, the tape now allows the choice of larger font sizes, calculator buttons now include nicer symbology (like ∑ and Δ%), contents of memory cells automatically save with other TenKey settings (optional), pressing Memory Clear (MC) twice in a row clears all memories (after asking), it's easier to double-click on single digits to edit them, and more.

calculator toolbar choices

Printing Improvements

Print jobs now show a progress meter, and Judy's TenKey will by default suggest the most recent printer you used with Judy's TenKey, which can quite convenient when the printer you use for calculator tapes differs from the one you use for most of your documents.

Miscellaneous Improvements

We've fixed a number of minor annoyances with this release: you can now resize the tape while editing a line and everything displays cleanly, save after renaming a tape will now record the new name in the Most-Recently-Used list, the toolbar customization dialog labels all the icons so it's easier to tell what they do, spurious item counters no longer appear when reading tapes saved prior to v4.3, deleting tape lines no longer causes an extra blank line to be appended to the tape if a Total appeared before the end of the tape (but not at the end), etc. Oh, and the Check for Updates option now allows you to automatically install free updates rather than just telling you about them.

automatic calculator updates

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