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Accountant's Best Friend

World-leading accounting calculator, previous winner of Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year, significantly enhanced

SAN JOSE, CA — Judy's Applications has released a major upgrade to Judy's TenKey™, a top-of-the-line Windows calculator used by millions of consumers, professional accountants, and financial institution employees. In addition to its long-standing "auto-magic" recalculation capabilities, the new version adds support for Microsoft visual styles, new optional sound schemes, automatic Adobe Acrobat paste formats, HTML export, native support for high DPI settings, 32-bit or 64-bit operation, and more.

Over the years, Judy's TenKey has won numerous awards, including Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year, a 5-star rating from C/NET, Accounting Today's top 10 new products of the year, and more. Although it's packed with powerful features, Judy's TenKey works hard to make a user's experience simple and effortless. For example, by default it automatically sets Numlock whenever you are using the calculator, and restores it to the previous state the moment you start using another application. When you press the calculator key on your keyboard, it brings up your current calculations, then hides them when you press the key again. These types of little conveniences are almost invisible, but a real joy to use. Of course, an even more significant benefit is that Judy's TenKey supports the user's preferred input approach, whether standard calculator, RPN, or adding machine-style tenkey syntax (a favorite of accounting professionals).

"We like to think we follow the Google philosophy of making complicated things seem simple," says Judy, President of Judy's Applications. "Whether it's our automatic smart recalculation, which intelligently determines the likely intent of changes to the tape, our new automatic format pasting, which looks at what you are doing and makes tape copies available in the optimal format, our auto-numlock feature, or even our auto-number extraction which extracts numbers from a document so you can recalculate and adjust them, we try to make everything so simple and natural that you don't even realize the many ways that Judy's TenKey is helping you ... everything just works the way you'd want it to."

Specific version 6.0 improvements include:

  • Automatic Visual Styles: Judy's TenKey takes on the look and feel (screen shot examples) of whatever Windows operating system you use, so it meshes seamlessly with your overall computing experience
  • Native 64-Bit Operation: If you run a 64-bit version of the operating system, Judy's TenKey now takes advantage of that for optimal speed and power.
  • High DPI Interface: Accountants who run their screens at magnified resolutions will find that Judy's TenKey doesn't get fuzzy like so many other third-party apps
  • International Support: Judy's TenKey now provides better international support, so you can copy, paste, and save tape notes in almost any language you want.
  • Enhanced Copy & Paste: In addition to its previous support for RTF and Text, Judy's TenKey now enables you to export HTML tables and formats for Adobe Acrobat.
  • Calculation Improvements: Now includes a running item counter, interest-only loans, improved tape line reuse, more precise trigonometric functions, RPN stack visibility, etc.
  • And More: There's not room to list everything here; see Judy's TenKey v6.0 Improvements for a more complete list, including screen captures.

Interested parties can download an evaluation version; the licensed version costs $19.95 for a single seat and volume licenses are available (customers use this option to purchase tens, hundreds, thousands, and even 10's of thousands of seats at reduced prices).