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Judy's TenKey is a Windows calculator used by millions of people in over 45 countries. It has almost every feature imaginable, costs only $19.95, is easy to use, and won the Ziff Davis award for Desktop Accessory of the Year.

Edit the tape and watch it recalculate all dependencies!

Enjoy multi-level undo, sounds, auto-numlock, and more!

You use a calculator every day ... why not use the best?

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You can use Judy's TenKey like an accountant's 10-key adding machine, a standard calculator, or an RPN scientific calculator (see calculator syntax).


Judy's TenKey is only USD$19.95 and a calculator is something you will use every day... try it now!


Licensed users of previous calculator versions can upgrade to the latest version (see v6.0 improvements) at a discounted price, and can visit our Downloads page for minor patches and updates.


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