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"A stunningly powerful calculator...the only thing missing is a WAV sound of numbers crunching [now included!]" — PC World

* * * * * (5 Stars!) — PC Computing

"One of the top 10 recommended downloads!" — Windows Magazine

"This versatile calculator can be nearly whatever type of calculator you need!" — ZDNet

"A little jewel, much more practical than the standard calculator!" — Windows News

"I have been waiting for a long time for someone to have the good sense to do this, and you have! The execution is just beautiful! I wish Microsoft would buy one for each copy of Windows and junk their own calculator." — H.T., North Carolina

"One of the most comprehensive ... calculators we've seen, not to mention among the easiest to use and most affordable." ***** (5 Stars!) — CNET

"The BEST little calculator around!" — J.G., California

5-Cow Rating (5 Cows!) — TuCows

"An example of that quantum leap in functionality is Judy's Tenkey ... used by many of the top-tier accounting firms ... and our unanimous selection as the Top New Product in the Calculators Category." — Accounting Today

"This calculator is the absolute PERFECT calculator. And I've tried MANY." — D.Y., Florida

"ABSOLUTELY love your calculator. It fulfilled my wildest hopes!!" — D.M., Missouri

"This is one of the very best." — PC Magazine

"Terrific program ... I've seen it offered in a number of on-line services and just thought: 'Oh, another calculator.' I finally decided to take a look and was IMMEDIATELY impressed!" — R.B., New Jersey

"Judy's TenKey is the perfect electronic calculator, no matter who you are, no matter what you do" — Taimienphi Review

"One day, quite by accident...I discovered Judy's TenKey and All Is Now Right With The World!" — W.N., Maryland

"This is a great example of what can be done with a calculator application. 'Undo' ... have you seen that in any other calculators?" — 32DF Software Directory

"I LOVE Judy's TenKey. It's our firm's favorite software and I would be lost without it ... my favorite application ever!" — C.C., Alaska

"You're wonderful, thank you!!! [I had been briefly unable to use Judy's TenKey], and it's amazing how much I felt like my arms were cut off without this thing!" — D.F., Virginia

"Editor's pick!" — Softseek

"Just want to say a tremendous thank you for the improvements ... !! You continue to do a great job ... we love your program!" — B.F., Cayman Islands

"Judy's TenKey is one of my favorite applications. I can't live without it..." — V.S., Missouri

"We were really impressed by Judy's TenKey ... extremely useful." — WindowShare

"I LOVE my Judy’s TenKey!!! I can’t work without it...!" — J.L., Michigan