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Judy's TenKey
Zero-Install Portable Option

Judy's TenKey now supports a portable option, which allows you to run the software from a Flash thumb drive or even a CD, so you don't have to install anything when using other peoples' computers — great for traveling accountants or Internet cafe users!

To create a portable Judy's TenKey:

  1. Select the "Configure Portable" menu option
  2. Choose the folder into which you want to place the portable TenKey files
  3. Optionally uncheck "Portable Should Not Save Settings"
  4. Tip: If you keep this setting checked, your portable TenKey will always start with the configuration it has now. You will be able to make changes to the portable TenKey when you use it, but you won't be able to save setting changes. If you uncheck this setting, and try to run the portable from a very slow external device, the TenKey may run slowly.

  5. Press the <Make Portable> button
  6. Copy the files to your external device if you did not already put them there in step 2

To use a portable Judy's TenKey:

  1. Make the files available on the target computer (e.g., insert the CD)
  2. Run the TenKey.exe program (e.g., double-click on the file)


Certain capabilities are not available from a zero-installation portable:

  • Taskbar Quick Launch
  • Help | Tutorial

If you kept the default "Portable Should Not Save Settings" configuration, or if you are running from a read-only device, you will not be able to:

  • Configure | License (you will be able to see the license details, but not modify them)
  • Configure | Save Settings
  • Configure | Save Settings on Exit