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Judy's TenKey
v5.7 Improvements

Judy's TenKey v5.7 is a free upgrade for licensed users of v5.0+, and provides the following improvements over v5.5:

Windows 8 Support

Now better supports Microsoft Windows 8, and includes administration settings for corporate IT departments.

Keyboard Calculator Key

If your keyboard contains a dedicated Calculator key, Judy's TenKey will automatically link to that key, and bring up your calculations in progress whenever you press it (not simply launch a new calculator as the default Windows calculator does). Press the key again to hide Judy's TenKey. Simple!

calculator keyboard options dialog

Keyboard Sounds

Now includes optional setting for operator sounds, which can be set to use the same sounds as every other key, or to have their own, unique sound for easier auditory confirmation.

calculator sound options

Delta Percent Calculation

New [d%] button on the Merchant Bar calculates the difference between two numbers, and the percentage change that represents.

calculator percent difference calculation

More Intelligent Copy & Paste

Now interprets pasted numbers surrounded by parentheses, such as (1.23), as negative for easier copying from formatted spreadsheets. For tenkey syntax users, it will also optionally bundle up the the sign with the number when pasting (for example, a "4 -" line becomes a "-4" when Edit | Special | Numbers Only copied into Excel).

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Merchant functions can now be 'undone'.
  • Ctrl+H edits the note on the highlighted tape entry.
  • Better protection against tape names that cannot be saved to the file system (for example, those containing the '/' character).
  • Other minor fixes

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