Judy's CountDown Calculator

Judy's CountDown™ is a fun program that helps you track holidays and other important events in your life. It gives you a running count of the days left before your events, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial (like your wedding anniversary!) ... and you can share events with people you know.

CountDown program


See Things Coming...

Have you ever forgotten an important birthday or anniversary? Have you forgotten to replace the batteries in your smoke detector? Judy's CountDown helps you remember the important things in your life, and unlike most calendar programs, gives you gradual warning of your impending events (most programs just tell you when the day arrives, or perhaps give you a one-time warning a week in advance).

Sometimes it's just fun to watch the count down for your vacation, the birth of a new baby, or whatever else you are looking forward to.


Numerous Pre-Defined Events

Judy's CountDown comes pre-loaded with a number of important holidays, from Valentine's Day to Independence Day, as well as suggestions such as changing your smoke detector batteries, income taxes (sorry), and so forth. Each event has its own special icon, and these events are automatically updated as their dates change.


Create Your Own Events & Icons

You can define your own events, and use one of the many included icons, or create your own icon from one of your photos at the click of a button.


Share with Friends & Family

You can share events you select with people you know ... and optionally subscribe to their shared events as well. This capability is a handy way to keep the extended family apprised of upcoming birthdays, weddings, family gatherings, and so forth. Or for your organization to track upcoming events, such as softball games, rehearsals, etc.



You can use Judy's CountDown FREE, or optionally pay for extra storage for more events, icons, subscribers, etc.

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