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Judy's Conversions Calculator

Judy's Conversions™ makes it easy to convert numbers from one type of unit to another (such as meters to feet, or teaspoons to cups). It's a great tool to have around when you need to do a quick conversion, especially when you're dealing with something tricky like cubic yards or esoteric like Newtons or leagues.

Conversions calculator


Supports Hundreds of Conversions

Judy's Conversions supports a number of different types of units: angle, area, computer storage, energy, force, fuel economy, length, liquid, power, pressure, shoe size, speed, temperature, time, volume (dry), and weight. Within each type of unit, you can convert any number from one measure to another.

For example, when dealing with length, you can convert meters to inches, or inches to meters. You can also convert fathoms to feet, kilometers to miles, and so forth. When dealing with liquid, you can convert teaspoons to pints, hogsheads to liters, and so forth.


Easily Exchange Data with Other Programs

You can easily copy numbers from other programs, convert them to your desired units, and copy them back. To make this process as easy and fast as possible, Ctrl+V pastes the clipboard contents into the left-hand edit box, and Ctrl+C copies the converted value from the right-hand edit box ... you don't even have to select anything or use your mouse!

Judy's Conversions also allows you to set the window to stay on top of all other windows, so that you can more easily do these quick conversions with numbers that may be in another, larger application like Microsoft Excel or Word.


Easy Reading

Judy's Conversions displays your numbers with thousands separators to make them easy to understand, and uses the international settings of your Windows control panel to show the proper decimal and thousands characters.


Personal Decimals Setting

You can set Judy's Conversions to display its answers to the degree of precision you desire (e.g., 1 or 1.23 or 1.23124).


Extra Touches

Like all Judy's applications, Judy's Conversions remembers your favorite screen position and displays itself there every time (handy if you want to lay our your desktop in certain way). It will also remember the units you were using last time, and initialize itself to the same configuration. Finally, you no longer need to first identify the unit types you want to use; the "*Any" dimension lets you pick from all supported units simultaneously.



Judy's Conversions is US$9.95.