Judy's CountDown Arrives

Is it the "Twitter" of Calendar Programs?

SAN JOSE, CA — Judy's Applications has released a major upgrade to Judy's CountDown™, transforming a fun little holiday tracking program into something much more, now supporting synchronized event sharing so that people can also optionally share with their friends, family, and organizational colleagues.

Judy's CountDown was always the little sister to Judy's TenKey™, which over the years has won numerous awards, including Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year, a 5-star rating from C/NET, Accounting Today's top 10 new products of the year, and so on. With this major upgrade, Judy's CountDown now holds its own against this other popular product, and is growing an equally fanatic following.

At its heart, Judy's CountDown continues to be quite simple: it "counts down" the number of days remaining before upcoming events. It comes with numerous pre-defined holidays that it keeps updated (such as Easter, Daylight Savings Time, Mother's Day, etc.), and users can define their own events and associate any of the attractive icons that ship with the program, or create their own icons from their own photos with the click of a button. Unlike most calendar programs, which give you an alert a week or a day before an event, Judy's CountDown constantly displays the next few major events in your list, constantly counting the days until the event arrives. It's fun, attractive, and even useful.

With the new release, however, Judy's CountDown enters a whole new realm of power and sophistication: users can "subscribe" to other users' event streams, and or share their own events with others. Users can choose which events they want to share, and can make them available to all their subscribers, or narrow down the list to just specifically named people. You can easily filter the display to see all events, just your own events, particular subscriptions, or even just search for specific events.

While all this sounds a little familiar (Microsoft Outlook™ has been able to share events for years!), this is not truly a "calendar" program, and it's simplicity may be what makes it popular, just as Twitter's 140-character limit helped make it popular even though there were almost uncountable news feed programs that could provide a much richer data stream when it launched.

One big limitation is that Judy's CountDown currently only runs on Windows (with a cloud back-end). While Judy's CountDown uses the Internet for its communications, it is NOT a "web app", meaning that it can continue to operate when disconnected from the Internet, and you can just place it in a corner of your monitor and just leave it there indefinitely.

Key features:

  • Counts down the days before upcoming events
  • Predefined holidays and special events always up to date
  • Define your own events and share with people you know
  • Create your own icons from your own photos
  • Runs on Windows 7 or better

You can download Judy's CountDown and use it for free, or you can expand your storage for extra events, icons, subscribers, and so forth, for a few dollars per year. In fact, for a limited time the company is giving away this extra storage for free, so you may want to download soon before the promotion ends.